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“Since JOCO is electric, I am able to get to my destinations way faster…it helps me make more money“
Loui W - Delivery Driver

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Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers.

What is a JOCO E-bike and how do I ride it?

Want to do more deliveries without breaking a sweat? All of JOCO's E-bikes are electrically assisted. Pedal a JOCO just like you would a regular bike and feel a boost effortlessly taking you to speeds of up to 20 mph.

A fully charged E-bike has a range of approximately 30 miles. You can check your live speed, charge status and trip distance in real time through the built-in display on the bike.

How do I get started?

Download the JOCO app from the iOS or Android app store and follow the instructions to register a new account.

Find a bike in a convenient location near you by searching the map on the home screen.

Purchase a pass by clicking on "Buy a Pass" in the menu section of the app. See below on how to unlock a bike.

How do I unlock an E-bike?

Option 1: Scan the QR code* on the bike by first clicking on the QR code icon in the top right corner of the app. Once you've scanned the QR code and are ready to go, simply press unlock and pull out the bike from the dock. Depending on data connectivity, it may take a couple of seconds until the bike is released.

Option 2: Select the docking station pin in the app and scroll up to view all available vehicles for that station. Select a bike from the list by matching the bike ID with the plate number displayed below the QR code. Simply reserve and unlock the vehicle when you are ready to go.

* The QR code can be found on the center of the handle bar or on top of the rear fender.

Who can ride a JOCO?

You must be a courier using JOCO for delivery services.

You must be an adult, aged 18 or above. Please review our rental agreement for more information.

What are the station opening hours?

The majority of our stations open 24 hours a day, however, opening times may vary by location. While planning your route, please check opening times for specific locations by clicking on the location pin in the app.

NOTE: some locations may appear closed at certain times for security reasons, please be patient and ring the doorbell to notify the attendant to open the garage.

How do I return my E-bike?

You must return your E-bike to an available JOCO dock. You can view available docking locations through the app. A green light on a dock indicates that it is available (if there is no light or the light is red, do not use).

-Gently align the front wheel of the bike in between the wheel guides. The front piece that looks like a lock (the adaptor) should align with the slot on the port. Press the bike into the slot to lock.

- Once your vehicle is correctly docked you will hear the bike turning off and you will see a steady blue or green light.

- You will also get a notification in the app confirming your trip has ended. Note that this may take a few seconds depending on data connectivity, and you may need to refresh the app.

To avoid any fines or penalties, make sure to check that your ride has been properly ended. If you are having any issues please contact our helpdesk at 716-JOCO-716