Biking is not only the more convenient and efficient way to get around, it also brings us one step closer to reducing pollution and facilitating cleaner air and a less polluted earth.

We are doing our part to help you save the planet by making our fleet of evokes the more reliable and sustainable out there! Unlike other operators, each JOCO charges at the dock so that it is fully charged when you are ready to ride and there will always be a bike available to make your deliveries.


Why ride a bike?

  • JOCO's bikes were designed to remove all variables of pollution and carbon emissions making transportation more eco-friendly.
  • The rise in motorized vehicles on the streets has increased the need to create more land for parking lots which means destroying green areas. JOCO's e-bikes require minimal space, which helps minimize sidewalk clutter and parking spaces available in the streets.
  • Riding a bike is a low-impact exercise that can be done by all ages. Biking regularly can improve blood circulation, relieve stress, build muscle strength, and enhance flexibility.
  • In the U.S, transportation is responsible for up to 29% of greenhouse gas emissions with more than half of that coming from cars and trucks. Grabbing your JOCO e-bike can improve air quality for all of us!

Biking is the healthier and cheaper alternative to make deliveries and help make the environment a greener place.

Help contribute to the environment by grabbing a JOCO.